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Dawnsky Chronicles

Stories from the World of Warcraft

Eleanea Dawnsky - an eighteen year old Blood Elf mage. She lives in Eversong Woods with her two sisters and brother. Two months after she was born, she was sent to live with an old, rich family, who treated young Eleanea in a most wretched manner. They were jealous of her, because, being clever and charming, she drew the attention away from the family's daughters. She was sent away for her own good, for as she grew older, her warlock grandmother would have surely found a way to corrupt her mind.
The day Eleanea turned fifteen, she was sent to a boarding school, which she ran away from one year later. She spent six months living on the streets of Silvermoon, stealing for a living. She knew a bit of magic, but rarely used it. After a fight in the Wayfarer's tavern, which Eleanea had lost, she was taken care of the whole night by a handsome young paladin. They became good friends, and then lovers. Two weeks before they were to be married, the paladin was killed in battle. Heartbroken, Eleanea ceased her rogue-ish lifestyle and began to train in ways of magic, though she never socialized with people.
At the age of seventeen, she began to play music in the tavern, which bought her many friends. Her greatest friends that still remain from her talent are Trell, Verzweiflung, and her fiance, Renais. And, also, instead of using the wretched Fel crystals most Blood Elves use to get their power, she meditates, as a Quel'dorei does. Her best friend, Trell, who is a Quel'dorei, taught her after learning of her extreme addiction to the crystals.
adventure, fire and arcane, her friends and family, mist, music, rain, reading, romance, the ocean, writing