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So, uh....

Heh...Heeeeeeeeeeey everyone. What's that? I haven't posted anything since July? Um. Wow. I'm sort of a prick, aren't I? 


I feel like I disappear off the map for long periods of time. Whoops.


I'm bored. :( 

Loose Ends

(( Mostly because I'm nostalgic and was reading all of Trell's old Warcraft posts, which made me happy and sad at the same time and I'm now a really big fan of run-on sentences. ))

A young Sin'dorei  rogue -- sixteen or seventeen in human years -- walked slowly down the path that led to the school she had once attended. Most of the children were asleep, and the building looked black from the outside. The girl, named Apath'ei (( because I can't remember her real name )) gripped onto one of the vines hanging off of the school and started to scale the wall. Guards looked up at her, bored. They preferred to ignore anything that might qualify as disruptive.

Apatha'ei reached the familiar window rather quickly. It was the office of her mentor and favorite teacher, Eleanea Dawnsky. Quietly, she pushed the unlocked window open and dropped into the large, circular room. It was dark and uncomfortably quiet and still. It was neater than it had been in Eleanea's life, as the maintenance crew had cleaned out most of the things in the room. However, several of the possessions Eleanea had remained.

There were the tall bookcases lining the walls and nearly reaching the roof. They were made out of smooth mahogany, and the ones that had originally floated  thanks to the power of arcane were now stationary and boring against the wall. There was a solid blue carpet stretched out in front of the huge wooden desk. On the desk were neatly stacked piles of parchment, and a few sketches and pictures taken with a Gnomish camera. The first sketch was of Eleanea's fiance, Renais Iceblood. The second was of Jandercia, the third of Mynai (this one was very old) and the last one of her best friend, Trell, leaning against her short staff. The photograph was of her family, smiling and laughing. The photograph featured Eleanea holding onto her brother's arm and leaning her face against his shoulder, laughing very hard.

Apatha'ei smiled slightly as she looked at the pictures. This was the Eleanea she had known and loved and had been taught by. She remembered the face Eleanea would make just as she was about to laugh; her eyes widening, her mouth opening, her nose crinkling as the bell-like sound came out. Apatha'ei gave a sad little smile as she picked up the sketches and photograph and put them in the bag worn on her back. She turned towards the window, looking outside at the sky.

"Goodbye, Eleanea," she murmured. "I hope you found the happiness you deserve."

Apath'ei didn't bother knocking on the door of the Dawnsky residence; she heard the music and the laughter coming from it. She leaned the picture frame against the door. The night was at peace around the home of the Dawnskies, for once. Apath'ei smiled a little, brushing her fingertips across the door. She pinned a note to it that had only six words on it:

I thought you would want this.

She took the sketch of Renais out of the bag and walked over to where Eleanea's headstone was. She placed the picture frame next to the headstone. Renais was smiling, and Apath'ei felt that he, too, was content. The loose ends were slowly being tied together.

She climbed up a tree and took a thick white envelope from her bag. She slid the remaining three sketches out of their frames and put them into the envelope. She had already written what she planned on sending:

You don't know me, but I was a student of Eleanea Dawnsky's. She was my greatest confidante and one of the best teachers the school in Silvermoon City had ever seen.  She was kind and fair, but I'm sure that you already know that. Enclosed are three pictures I found in Eleanea's office. She often talked about you, and I feel that these pictures would be of more sentiment to you than to me. I hope this letter finds you in good health. May the Light bless you and all of your doings.


She put the letter inside the envelope and sealed it, writing Trell on the front in large, neat letters. A cockatiel that had often followed Apath'ei around since Eleanea died fluttered out of an open window from the Dawnsky house. Cookie, as he was called, landed on the branch next to the girl. She handed the envelope to him, and he took it delicately with his beak.

"You know Trell, don't you?" she asked quietly. He gave a quiet caw of understanding. "Good. Bring this letter to her as quickly as you can. Don't dawdle, now, Cookie." 

He brushed a gray wing across Apath'ei's face as he flew off from the tree. She climbed further up the branches to watch him until he was a tiny speck in the distance, and finally, until he disappeared all together. She smiled.

Peace, serenity, she said to herself. I hope that is what I've given to those important in Eleanea's life.

(( OH MY GOD. I am so sorry this sucked, but I wanted to finish it. I have strep throat, as a side note. :(  ))

Let's Move On

[Man alive, I started this like, two months ago and never finished it. Sorry it sucks.]

The house that held the Dawnsky family was, for once, bustling. Candles stood in the large windows, casting a familiar and cozy glow around the room. Laughter floated out the open door. It may have been winter everywhere else, but not in Eversong Woods. The eternal spring was warm and bright; flowers still bloomed, birds still sang, and a pinkish tint was always in the sky.

The upstairs room had been cleaned, the one where the youngest Dawnsky resided. Her siblings had been grieving for months, and now they came together to live again. Malendria, Athela, and Aarfen sat around the dinner table and told stories of Eleanea. They talked of how clumsy she was, how sweet, how beautiful, and how wonderfully strange she was. They didn't bring up the horrible last few of months of her life, when she began to become less and less innocent. They didn't talk about Kelazuri, they didn't talk about her losing her virginity, they didn't dare bring up the weeks of confinement to her bedroom. Most especially, they didn't even think the name 'Renais.' No. Those were all things of the past.

They spoke of how lovely she was. Malendria most especially could explain every aspect of her sister's face. Eleanea's long auburn hair and roses-and-cream skin seemed to be permanently burned into all of their memories. However, none of them would forget her face at the end. It was sunken, unnaturally pale, gaunt. They could all speak about the good times, but they would never, ever forget the bad.

Time still ticks on, the earth still turns, and people move on. New lives and beginnings start every single day. Still, others pass on. Families break apart, but others bind more tightly together. The latter was true of the Dawnskies. Their sister had seemed to be the emotional glue of their family. When she was gone, they had no choice but to cling to each other.

Oftentimes, you don't realize how precious something is until it's gone. And, while you promise you'd never take anything for granted, you still slip up. You have something beautiful right in front of you and you forget to be grateful for it. Seconds later, it's gone, and you find yourself longing for it, wanting it. Eleanea, to her siblings, was like a beautiful bird that lives in your garden and that you didn't really ponder the beauty of anymore. Then, for a month, the bird doesn't come and you begin to miss seeing its bright and colorful plumage gracing the tree in your garden.

Athela had found some of the old music Eleanea had written, the happier pieces. However, they burned the piece of parchment that had the lullaby written on it. Eleanea would be able to take that to the grave. Her bedroom had been cleaned and made into its former glory. A vibrant, brilliant flower was growing out from her grave, as if a tribute to how beautiful she was, inside and out.

The Dawnsky children had written an obituary of sorts for their sister. It read:

Eleanea Dawnsky was someone that you only met once in a lifetime. She was brilliant, she was musical, she was stunning, and she had a kindness and compassion for life that couldn't be matched by many. Her students were inspired and energized by her teachings and her music. She was cherished by her friends, and those who knew her loved her.

Eleanea Dawnsky was stubborn, willful, and impulsive with an amazing ability to love. She loved and appreciated her friends, and was thankful for every moment that she was able to live. The most important person in the world to her was her fiance. His name will, hopefully, be forgotten, but he made her more happy than she had ever been before. She had a step-daughter who meant the world to her, and who she was able to unleash all of her love upon.

The spirit of Eleanea Dawnsky will live on, through all of those who knew her and loved her. She is, finally, at her final resting place, to lie in peace for the rest of eternity. We remember what she often said before she died;
"When you call, I'll be there. I'll never truly leave you. Please don't say goodbye. I'll be back when it's over."

At the bottom, there was a drawing of her. It was simple, but it got the point across. It was the sketch Renais had  drawn the night they first met. They left copies of the obituary on every bench in every major city they went to, in hopes that someone -- anyone -- who remembered her would see. 

Checking Up

Checking up on everyone...Though I'm guessing Trell is the only one who really uses this anymore.

Eleanea's Note To Renais

(( Posting this here because I can't write letters in WoW. )) 

Eleanea wrote this quickly down on a spare piece of parchment. It read:

I love you.


She dated it as October 23. This was about the time they should have been married last year. She dropped it in the mailbox and prayed it would reach him soon.

Ten Days

Something didn't feel right, but it felt good. Light was streaming in through the dirt, and the corpse laying in the earth could hear the pitter-patter of rats running over the grave. The decaying body's eyes slowly opened, and she pressed a pale hand up to the dark brown soil . She took a deep breath before pushing up with all her might. It felt onto her face. She blink her big, glowing yellow eyes and pushed again. This time, her hands broke through the surface. 

The air smelled of death, and it made the young woman recoil. She dug her fingernails into the soft earth and pushed herself up out of the grave; she was surrounded by hundreds of other headstones. The sky was green and black, and no sunlight peeked out anywhere. She immediately knew where she was.

"Tirisfal Glades," she croaked. Her voice was eerie, but not unpleasant. It resonated a bit, and sounded as if she were singing. Confused as to what was happening, she turned her head this way and that, desperately -- if vainly -- looking for an explanation as to why she was alive again.

Eleanea -- yes, that had been her name when she was alive -- stretched her hands out in front of her. Some of her bones were revealed, flesh having fallen away. Her fingers were long and thin, and her fingernails were yellow. She shuddered a bit and looked over at the town in front of her; she must have been in Brill. Yes, Eleanea thought. I remember this place well.

Slowly, she made her way over to the inn. Her legs creaked as she moved, and her long white dress, which was almost yellow, now, brushed against the dark green grass. The town was nearly deserted, except for a couple of tauren and Blood Elves darting around, holding buckets full of water. She realized that, when she saw that they were dressed  up in costumes, that it must have been Hallow's End.

She cracked a slight smile; memories were flooding back in. She had always had a good time with...what was it? Trell? Yes, that was her name. She had always had a good time with Trell during this holiday. Then, upon remembering the name, she became excited. Trell must be still alive. Perhaps they would meet up! Perhaps they would meet up again. And what about Kelazuri? Jandercia? 


Was he alive? Was that what she had been told months ago? Maybe she would see him. Oh, good Light, how she wanted to see him. She would do anything to just look upon him again. He would, maybe, be repulsed by her, now. But that was a chance she was willing to take.

(There will be another post related to this, soon).

Ten Day Free Trial!

Yayayayayay. My brother downloaded a Free Trial to WoW. I got back on Sentinels as an Undead, Eleania. (Eleanea is still taken.)

READ THIS. It matters.

So...It's become apparent that I am, most likely, never coming back to WoW. I've discussed with my mother (calmly, which is a big step for me). She gently explained that she really doesn't want me to, for several reasons I don't feel comfortable sharing. I don't think I'll be on LiveJournal hardly ever at all, because I'm going to miss the game so much and don't want anything to remind me of it, just yet.

I'll pop in from time to time to check up on you guys, to say hi...But not as often as I am. I'm sorry. :( I know I sound a little selfish, but...I never do anything that may make me happy, that may be good for me, because I am constantly trying to please others. Frankly, I'm sick of it. I want to stop stressing myself out and just be light and careless, sometimes. I hope you will understand.

But honestly, you guys have been some of the best friends I've had, online or off. You may not realize it, but when I had a crappy day, just talking to you made it all better. You folks have no idea how much you've helped me, how grounded you've kept me, how you've always cared if I was upset. You've listened and comforted when I just feel like screaming and pulling my hair out. You've made me laugh when I don't even want to smile, and there is no way I'll ever to be able to repay you for these couple of years of friendship.

You've made me a better person, a more patient person, and a more willing person in ways that I could never explain. I have never had people close to my age that I could go to for anything. And yet, you guys let me complain and whine and be depressed, and for that, I am sincerely sorry. You've told me to shut up when I've needed it, but it never seemed to make you like me less. You are some of the most wonderful people I feel I will ever meet. I could say a lot more things that are more gushy and corny than you probably thing I'm capable of, but I'll keep it to myself. :)

But...I love you guys. Trell and Jandercia, you two are just two amazing, fantastic friends, and I'm sorry for everytime I've been short with you. Renais, I've had several huge Internet-crushes on you, (x]) and I have to admit I still have a slight one. More than anything, though, you've been there for me when I felt like I had no one else. All of you have. And for that, I want to thank you. Thank you for putting up with my stupid RP ideas. Thank you for being understanding during long absences and hackers. I never deserved your friendships, and I never will.

I love you.



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